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A foil heat transfer film gives a metallic look that cannot be achieved with any other heat transfer product.
we offer a variety different color selection to complement any design.
It performs super elasticity, providing a very soft comfortable to wear. Also silver, gold and S.Sivler color foil film is washable.


FO 01-Silver (Washable Available)
FO 02-D/Grey
FO 03-M/Black
FO 04-Black
FO 05-White
FO 06-Gold (Washable Available)
FO 07-Chrome
FO 08-M/Gold
FO 09-Brown
FO 10-D/Brown
FO 11-Red
FO 12-RoseGold
FO 13-Fuchsia
FO 14-Purple
FO 15-Pink
FO 16-R/Blue
FO 17-Aqua
FO 18-Green
FO 19-L/Green
FO 20-Orange
FO 21-Copper
FO 22-S/Silver (Washable Available)
FO 23-S/Gold
FO 24-Holo Silver
FO 25-Holo Gold
FO 26-Bubble Silver
FO 27-Zebra
FO 28-Leopard
FO 29-Cheetah
FO 30-Check