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A hologram heat transfer film creates three-dimensional prism-like effect to make your design shine and eye-catching.
It looks different when it is viewed from different angles. reflecting all lights giving the design a much more luxurious and sparkling look.


H 01-Silver
H 02-Gold
H 03-Fuchsia
H 04-Pink
H 05-Red
H 06-R/Blue
H 07-Violet
H 08-Green
H 09-Purple
H 10-Black
H 11-Sky
H 12-Orange
H 13-Aqua
H 14-L/Green
H 15-Brown
H 16-S/Silver
H 17-Multi (Stripe)
H 18-Multi (Dot)
CR 1-Silver
CR 2-Gold
CR 3-Fuchsia