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Silver(BIO Ag+) Antimicrobial Film
Silver antimicrobial film received antibacterial test, environmental mark certification, heavy metal test and SF mark product certification in Korea. In addition, it has obtained the SIAA(in Japan) certification mark. Antibacterial excellence has been recognized through solid domestic and international tests.

The reason that Ag+ is the most effective

Strong sterilizing ←
→ Weak sterilizing

MIC of Metal Ion for Salmonella Bacteria(mol/l)

*MIC : Minimal Inhibitory Concentration
Metallic ion Ag+ Hg2+ Cu2+ Cd2+ Au2+ Co2+
MIC 2.0 x 10 -6 2.0 x 10 -6 1.5 x 10 -5 6.0 x 10 -5 1.2 x 10 -4 1.2 x 10 -4


  • Easy Maintenance
  • Semi-permanent use
  • The most sterilizing effect
  • No odor by microbial decay
  • An antibacterial effect with minimal amount
  • A long term application without oxidation, adhesion or adsorption

How to Use

  • Clean up the place where you want to apply it on
  • Cut the film by a designated size
  • Remove a back paper
  • Apply the film on the place on it
  • Regular clean up the surface of film with a wet paper or clothing

Where to Use (Everywhere your hand contacts!)