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A semi-PU is the special heat transfer film which is produced by mixing 50% raw PU and PVC resins.
It is the most economical choice for your budget.
And It features easy cut and weed-ability, good flexibility and durability, showing no transformation by expansion and shrinking.


SMPU 01-White
SMPU 02-N/yellow
SMPU 03-N/orange
SMPU 04-N/Pink
SMPU 05-N/green
SMPU 06-Silver
SMPU 07-Gold
SMPU 08-Sky blue
SMPU 09-N/Blue
SMPU 10-R/Blue
SMPU 11-Purple
SMPU 12-Navy
SMPU 13-Black
SMPU 14-Gray
SMPU 15-D/Gray
SMPU 16-Yellow
SMPU 17-Red
SMPU 18-Brown
SMPU 19-Green
SMPU 20-Khaki