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A glitter heat transfer film has in incredible shine when applied to garments. It bursts out the bling for plain designs with sparkling and shining effects It is perfect for leisure wear, parties and fashion.
And it leaves no glitter durst after transferring or washing.


G 01-Silver
G 02-Gold
G 03-Old Gold
G 04-R/Pink
G 05-Red
G 06-Navy
G 07-Jade
G 08-Green
G 09-Purple
G 10-Black
G 11-L/Green
G 12-Blush
G 13-Aqua
G 14-B/Silver
G 15-Copper
G 16-Brown
G 17-R/White
G 18-Violet
G 19-Emerald
G 20-L/Multi
G 21-B/Gold
G 22-N/Orange
G 23-N/Pink
G 24-N/Blue
G 25-N/Yellow
G 26-D/Brown
G 27-Fuchsia
G 28-Turquoise
G 29-L/Blue
G 30-R/Blue
G 31-White
G 32-Printable(WH)