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A normal heat transfer film is made of PET(polyester) material. Unlike other PET heat transfer films like hologram and glitter, Normal film is available in single metallic color.
It features shining and gleaming metal finish and soft feel.
It is perfect for adding a chrome and mirror look that pop off the garment.


N 01-Silver
N 02-Gold
N 03-Fuchsia
N 04-Pink
N 05-Red
N 06-R/Blue
N 07-Violet
N 08-Green
N 09-Sky
N 10-Black
N 11-Clear
N 12-Orange
N 13-Aqua
N 14-L/Green
N 15-Copper
N 16-Mint
N 17-L/Brown
N 18-Grey
N 19-M/Silver
N 20-Rainbow
N 21-RoseGold
N 22-Stripe
N 23-White