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PU (Stretchable & Super Stretchable)
Our PU Film is available in both normal stretchable and super stretchable. Specially as for super stretchable PU, Tensile Strength is 500~700 (kg/㎠) And Elongation is 400 ~ 600%. It provides the most realistic imitation of leather, and it’s thin and soft to hands compare to PVC. It’s durable, stretchable, and washable. PU is mostly choice when it comes to the detailed because it works well for both finer designs and also layers with other PU colors for multi-color applications.  PU is compatible with 100% cotton, 100% polyester, Cotton/polyester blends, some spandex, synthetic blends.
Super Stretchable PU Code number start with STPU Press: 140~150 / 4~6 seconds / Warm peeling


PU 01-Silver
PU 02-Yellow
PU 03-Gold
PU 04-Khaki
PU 05-Red
PU 06-R/Blue
PU 07-Navy
PU 08-Green
PU 09-Camel
PU 10-Black
PU 11-Sky
PU 12-Orange
PU 13-Ocean Blue
PU 14-White
PU 15-L/Grey
PU 16-Brown
PU 17-L/Yellow
PU 18-L/Orange
PU 19-Pink
PU 20-Wine
PU 21-L/Green
PU 22-Sea Green
PU 23-D/Khaki
PU 24-Purple
PU 25-D/Pink
PU 26-N/Yellow
PU 27-N/Orange
PU 28-N/Pink
PU 29-N/Green
PU 30-N/Blue
PU 31-D/Skyblue
PU 32-Printable(WH)
PU 36-Pastel Pink
PU 37-Pastel Lilac
PU 38-Pastel Hibiscus
PU 39-Pastel Skye
PUH 14-White
PUH 10-Black
PUH 05-Red
PUM 10-Rose gold
(stretchable only)
PUM 11-Ocean blue
(stretchable only)
PUM 12-Lavender
(stretchable only)