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DTF (Direct to Film)
Digital Transfer Solution
Revolutionary Technology for Digital & Screen Printing Industry!

The DTF(Direct To Film) Digital Transfer Technology is the best and the perfect transfer method among the existing printing solutions. DTF is taking the T-shirt decorative industry to a new level, and our solution package can be used to print Transfer Film with our special branded inks and powder to be press on both Dark and Light garments like cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends, spandex, leather, and more. Using our branded inks and with low maintenance, our DTF solution will deliver superior and high-quality prints.


  • Providing the fastest productivity
  • Providing the softest touching feeling
  • Achieving the most delicate graphic work
  • Providing the highest level of washing-ability



Voltege 220V Frequency 50Hz
Power 100 ~ 1200 KW Weight 180kg
Demension 1600 × 1650 × 670 mm

ALC-XD-1000 Powder Shaker

Voltege 220V Frequency 50Hz
Power 6.2 KW Weight 190kg
Demension 1900 × 1060 × 1090 mm